Our Objectives:

To Sharpen Fine Motor Skills. Fine motor skills are essential for performing tasks such as tying shoes, using a pencil, and manipulating small objects such as tweezers and beads. In Kindergarten, children devote much time to strengthening the small muscles in their hands. At this age, children are naturally interested in small, detailed work, so their progress in this area is quite rapid.

To Continue Developing Coordination and Large Motor Skills. To complement the strengthening of small muscles in the hands and fingers, children are given the opportunity to move their bodies for exercise, fun, and self-expression. At the Kindergarten level, large motor activities will often require children to follow complex instructions and rules. Exercises designed to increase coordination and overall physical fitness are also a part of our Kindergarten day through interesting activities in the climbing wall in the indoor play area and outdoor areas.

To Develop More Complex Social Skills. Most Kindergarten children are able to interact socially with skills such as sharing, taking turns, and making polite requests. In Kindergarten, we build on these skills and learn how to solve problems independently using our words. Children also learn good sportsmanship, how to apologize to other children, and other complex social skills. At this age, children are developmentally ready to empathize with others, and teachers guide children to think about how their actions affect the people around them. Teachers encourage children to respect and help each other at all times to create a warm and caring community.

To Teach and Learn Through Mentoring. Mentoring is one of the best ways for children to solidify academic skills while learning compassion, kindness and patience towards their peers and surrounding people. Not only do Kindergarten children mentor each other, but they also act as role models and mentors for the younger children, boosting their confidence and self-esteem.

To Develop Public Speaking Skills. As Kindergarten children acquire more and more language daily, it is our goal to give them ample opportunities to share their thoughts, feelings, and ideas in front of their peers. This gives children self-confidence and builds a foundation for future public speaking skills.

To Master More Complex Grammar Patterns. Children are encouraged to speak in full, grammatically correct sentences as much as possible through repetition and prompting. Activities such as Show and Tell give children a venue for expressing themselves and practicing speaking in full sentences. Kindergarten children are naturally very talkative, so their progress is quite rapid.

To Continue Developing Reading, Writing, and Math Skills. In Kindergarten, children have chance to familiarize themselves with letters. They begin with individual letters and then progress on to short words, their first and last names, and sentences. Children are also introduced to reading, beginning with short sight words and moving on to content words with the aid of pictures and manipulatives. Math skills such as basic addition and subtraction are also introduced as the year progresses.

To Develop a Sense of Individuality. At Dreamland Day Care, we encourage our children to find their own voices and express themselves in their own special ways. Children are given opportunities to express themselves through activities such as free art and group conversations.

To Develop Personal and Social Awareness. Children will learn to share, to respect others, to listen and to understand that people have different talents and functions in our society so that they have appropriate behavior in different situations.

To Develop a Love of Learning and an Awareness of the World Around Us. Because Kindergarten is one of the first steps for children on the life-long journey of education, we want to give our children a curiosity and desire to learn that will last throughout their lives. Children review and are presented with new and challenging concepts through music, games, and other engaging activities. We do our best to provide a wide array of stimulating, age-appropriate activities that will keep our children interested and curious about the world around them.

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