Pre-K For All

Dreamland Day Care Inc
1379 West 7 St
Brooklyn, NY 11204
(718) 232-8155

Program Code: 20KCRB
  • Breakfast Lunch and Supper / Snacks
  • Indoor and outdoor onsite playspace.
  • Pre-K Hours: 8:30AM till 2:50PM
  • Early Drop Off Available:  7AM
  • Late Pick Up Available: 6PM
2016-17 Seats: 18 Full day




Dear parents it is our pleasure to announce that Dreamland Day Care is currently working with the New York City Department of Education to bring Pre-K for all to those families who apply with NYC DOE. If your child was born in 2012, you live in New York City and have not already applied for Pre-K for all, you can choose to participate in Round 2 of Pre-K Admissions beginning May 2, 2016. Round 2 will include new pre-K programs and programs that still have available seats – and anyone can apply, including:

Families who have already applied to pre-K

Families who have accepted their pre-K offer

Families who have not yet applied to pre-K

More information and online application can be found on the following link

Our programs have been identified as providing a high quality educational experience for children and with the resources available to us through Free Pre-K and The Department of Education, this will provide us further effective guidance in preparing children for Kindergarten. Additionally, the program offers teacher trainings as well as a reduced tuition for the families of qualified children. .

At Dreamland Day Care we are committed to offering your children the very best preschool programme which encourages open-ended exploration, discovery and investigation. The curriculum is designed to enhance each child's self-confidence and to build each child's self-esteem and it gives the children the opportunity for optimum growth in academics, socialization, physical fitness, and emotional wellbeing.

If you live in New York City and your child is turning 4 years this year, it’s time to start thinking about pre-kindergarten for September. Our Free Pre-K for all Program is a full day (6 hours and 20 minutes). The school hours for the age group of 4-5 years old Pre-K program will be from 8:30am -2:50pm followed by our afterschool day care. Early drop off from 7.00am and extended hours from 2:50 to 6:00pm are available at an additional cost.

Pre-kindergarten is a time of personal growth and exploration for your child’s development and throughout the year this can happen at different stages and times, but there are some milestones based on research, theory, and practice that children are expected to achieve by the end of prekindergarten year.

Our curriculum is based on five domains of development:

1.     Approaches to Learning – how children become involved in learning and acquiring knowledge.

2.     Physical Development and Health – children’s physical health and ability to engage in daily activities

3.     Social and Emotional Development – the emotional competence and ability to form positive relationships that give meaning to children’s experiences in the home, school and larger community

4.     Communication, Language and Literacy – children’s understanding, creating, and communicating meaning.

5.     Cognition and Knowledge of the World – what children need to know and understand about their world and how they apply what they know including math, science, social studies, the arts, and technology.

We are excited at the prospect of applying our experience with the help of the Department of Education to apply this curriculum in our daily activities: and will be looking forward to announcing further news on our Pre-K for all programme in the coming months. If you have any further questions regarding Pre-K for all please do not hesitate to call 718 232 8155 to arrange a visit to our day care.


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